About Shawn M. Cole M.D., M.S., M.H.A




Having worked in a myriad of clinical settings ranging from academic primary care practice at the Veteran Affairs Healthcare System to large and small community medical centers and health systems to the exciting and dynamic world of virtual health care, my experiences have provided me a 360° vantage point of health care. My tireless passion for trying to impact the most lives in a positive and compassionate manner extends well beyond being a physician life coach.

  • Ivy League Trained Physician with extensive clinical leadership experience across multiple facets of ambulatory and urgent care
  • Recipient of numerous teaching awards
  • Industry expert – telemedicine


Leadership has been a core tenet of mine since having the opportunity to train students in the martial arts as a teenager. Through sharing knowledge, inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves, and guiding students, colleagues, or athletes through challenging times, I feel most humbled and honored when I have the opportunity to collaborate with and lead others to a destination of personal, professional, or team growth.


The successes and challenges of the health care system have fragmented the altruistic spirit of a growing number of health care providers, which may readily translate into inferior quality of patient care and personal and relationship dissatisfactions. I fervently believe there is a spark in each of us that deserves to be re-ignited with restored hope and opportunities that await us. Leveraging a fresh, resourceful perspective and guidance can be the catalyst that drives that personal transformation or realization of that personal or professional goal. Using interprofessional evidence-based spirit and a passion for shaping the best possible patient care for as many lives as possible, my background aligns well with helping individuals and health care professionals create their own destiny through a rewarding and challenging career.


Honesty Speaking the truth but more broadly presenting myself in a genuine way and acting in a sincere way. Taking responsibility for my feelings.

Spirituality I have coherent beliefs about a higher purpose and meaning of the universe. Because of that, I know where I fit in within the larger scheme. I have strong beliefs about the meaning of life that shape my conduct and provide me comfort when I need it.

Perseverance I’m gritty. I finish what I start. I grind through in spite of obstacles.

Humility I let my accomplishments speak for themselves. I do not regard myself as more special than I am.

Bravery I don’t shrink from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain. I speak up for what’s right even if there is opposition. I act on my convictions even if unpopular. This includes physical bravery but certainly is not limited to just that.


Achiever I have a great deal of stamina and work hard. I take great satisfaction from being productive.

Learner I have a strong desire to learn and I want to continuously improve.

Competition I measure my progress against the performance of others. I strive to win first place and I revel in contests.

Relator I enjoy close relationships with others and I find great satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

Deliberative I take serious care in making decisions and choices. I anticipate obstacles.


Getting Results I am willing to do what it takes to reach my goals. Once I’ve established what needs to be done, I go after it, and I don’t let obstacles stand in my way. I’m not likely to make excuses for failure, not accept any.

Taking Action I am eager for success and I like to hit the ground running. People do think of me as a really good listener due to my calm presence and even temperament. I do have quite a bit of patience when working with others and I am likely to teach people things in order to make process more effective. However, I have little patience for hesitancy when instructions are clear or a decision on the way-ahead has been made.

Once I choose a course, or have been given a course, I want to take quick action and keep things moving.

Offering Challenge I will speak up when I see flaws and inefficiencies, but I will make my opinion known diplomatically when required. I can be candid too. I work hard to understand my audience so that my opinion, especially in disagreement, can be received well. I value efficiency and candor and I welcome challenge from others regarding my approach and performance because I believe that this is how I improve.