6 Telemedicine Benefits to Consider When Going Digital

You are likely familiar with the advantages of telehealth for patients. Your patients benefit from the convenience, better access to follow-up care, and increased opportunities to see specialists, among other factors. However, a big question to consider is how telemedicine benefits your healthcare practice. Here are six telemedicine benefits to consider when implementing this digital technology.

#1: Less Expensive for Your Practice

While you might be charging a little less for a remote visit, you will likely get more visits in a day. The appointments take less time so you can provide quality care to more patients in a shorter period. Certain kinds of telemedicine, such as store-and-forward, allow you to get back to patients whenever you have a spare moment. If you need to reach out to specialists, you have the option of sending medical documents and videos virtually. This method allows for a quicker two-way communication.

#2: Flexible Scheduling Time

If you could not offer extended hours or weekend appointments before, now you can easily provide these options through telehealth platforms. You do not have to be in office to take these appointments, which means no commute time for you. If you cannot be at your office one day or have to leave mid-day, there is no problem. You can easily take these visits from home or schedule them later on in the day.

#3: Better Work/Life Balance

A more flexible schedule means a better work/life balance. You do not need to stress about taking trips and traveling for family or work purposes. Telehealth can accommodate your location and available schedule. You can conduct video chats at virtually any place with internet access. Now you can take more time to de-stress and avoid burnout, meaning you feel better when you do go back to the office.

#4: Keep Better Track of Patient Health

With mobile health applications, you can send your patients lab results and track their health habits. Depending on the application, you can follow their blood pressure, heart rate, and activity level. These results make follow-up visits much easier for both you and your patient. You can pinpoint where they need help and make suggestions based on their data.

#5: Follow-Up Reimbursement

Many insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for regular follow-up calls. Even if you discuss lab results or check in on a patient’s progress, you have likely been doing these appointments for free. However, if you add a video component to the call, you can make it a live telehealth visit and receive compensation. This means more revenue for your practice.

#6: Fewer No-Shows and Cancellations

A considerable time- and money-waster is a missed appointment or last-minute cancellation. If you have several no-shows or cancellations in a day, the losses can cut deeply into your revenue. You lose time that you could have spent with other available patients. Since virtual appointments are more convenient, patients are less likely to cancel or not show up. They also give your practice more flexibility — if a patient cannot attend an in-office visit, you might be able to conduct that visit remotely.

Have More Questions on Telemedicine Benefits?

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