Does Your Medical Practice Need a Physician Consultant? Five Reasons Why Your Practice Would Benefit

Does Your Medical Practice Need a Physician Consultant? Five Reasons Why Your Practice Would Benefit

If optimized operations and a healthier bottom line sound good to you, then your medical practice would benefit from a Physician Consultant.

As a physician in the business of helping other physicians, I understand all the moving parts that make up a thriving medical practice. Read on to discover why your medical practice would benefit from a physician consultant.

A Consultant Can Help You Develop a Viable Provider Compensation Plan

Did you know that you can improve the efficiency of your medical practice by 20% or more in just a few weeks? Many practices struggle to craft a sustainable financial compensation model that pays providers fairly and encourages them to increase their productivity. A Physician Consultant is skilled at analyzing your medical practice and creating a provider compensation plan that benefits all parties.

A Consultant Can Help You Find More Effective Process for Tracking and Reporting Data

How can you make changes if you don’t know what you need to fix? Factual, timely, and useful information about a group’s performance is imperative to a functional practice. Struggling to collect and use this information will result in an inefficient practice that is unable to accurately compare performance ratios to practice benchmarks. As a Physician Consultant, I will streamline your performance reporting process so you always have the most relevant, accurate information at your disposal. And I will also teach you how to gather and use that information to benefit your practice.

A Physician Consultant Offers Specialized Training to Practice Managers

An important goal of many medical practices (and indeed, businesses in general,) is to retain quality employees that grow with your company. To do this effectively you need to allocate resources to training and development programs. A Physician Consultant helps you develop formal management training and tools that empower practice managers to lead with confidence.

A Consultant Can Help You Find the Right Team Members

Hiring new staff for your practice can take up a lot of time. With all of the searching and interviews, there is hardly any time left over to run your practice and treat your patients. Even after you have made an offer and your candidate has accepted it, you have no guarantee that things are going to work out.

It can be frustrating, to say the least.

With the help of a physician consultant, you can continue to run your practice while someone else takes care of all the heavy lifting during the hiring process.

A Consultant Can Help You Negotiate Better Contracts

Medical practices have relationships with many vendors—from software vendors to medical supply vendors, practices depend on a lot of different people in a lot of industries to keep things running.

Consultants often have extensive experience working with vendors across industries, which means they can help you separate the good vendors from the bad.

As a Physician Consultant, I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Want to learn more? Let’s talk. Get in touch with me today to learn how I can help you grow your practice.