Physician Burnout Is a Sign: How to Make a Change for the Better and Stick to It

Physician Burnout Is a Sign: How to Make a Change for the Better and Stick to It

Why do we do it? Why do we become doctors? Do we take on massive amounts of student debt so we can spend our days entering data into EMRs? Do we do it for the physician burnout?

Of course not.

We do it to help people. We do it to challenge ourselves while raising up our communities. The reality, though, is that the current healthcare system is not only working doctors harder than ever before—it is also sucking the joy out of our profession.

Many articles point out that burnout is costing the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year, pointing out that the system needs to change. That is all fine and good—certain things in our healthcare system need to change—but that kind of change can take years or even decades.

My focus is helping doctors recognize—right here, right now—that physician burnout is a sign. Here is how to make a change so we can bring the joy back to our profession.

Find Balance in Life Through Your Passion

I learned early in life that having passion for something makes life better. As a teenager, I had the opportunity to train others in martial arts. It was then that it clicked for me.

I enjoy inhabiting a leadership role. That is my passion.

As physicians, each of us needs to find a sense of balance between our high-demand careers and the rest of our lives. Our day jobs, regardless of how much passion we feel for helping people, are often too stressful to put ourselves into 100%.

We need an outlet.

I never could have imagined that teaching martial arts when I was younger would start me down a path that led to a career in medicine and a career in coaching, but that is exactly what happened.

Where will your passion take you? Even if it merely shows you why you loved being a doctor in the first place, it is worth finding out what drives you.

Take Control of Your Life

All of that is easier said than done, I know.

When we suffer from physician burnout, probably the last thing we want to think about is taking on more. On top of burnout, we are just too busy and exhausted to do anything more than get through the day and take care of our families.

Putting off the kind of self-reflective thinking needed to discover what you might be passionate about is so easy, but it is so important to the construction of a meaningful life that you cannot procrastinate.

I mean, that’s what we are talking about here—your life! It’s time to take control.

Do Not Wait Any Longer to Take the First Step Past Physician Burnout

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