Curious about Careers Outside of Medicine? 3 Reasons You Would Be a Great Entrepreneur

Curious about Careers Outside of Medicine? 3 Reasons You Would Be a Great Entrepreneur

For doctors and others in the profession, seeking careers outside of medicine is a frightening prospect. Continuing to do what we are trained to do as physicians—though the career is often riddled with problems like burnout and excessive administrative burdens—is comfortable. The skills that we have gained in school and training are so essential for the greater good, not to mention that learning new ones can be tough.

I believe that it is critical, however, for clinicians to leave their comfort zones. It’s not about learning new skills—it’s about applying those that you already have to new challenges. Doing so can open up new avenues of thought, new ways of seeing, that will effect change for future generations.

If you are thinking about looking into careers outside of medicine, here are a few reasons your skillset would make you an excellent entrepreneur.

Details Matter to You

As a profession, medicine requires anyone who wishes to practice it to be meticulous. In a typical day, you deal with many problems that have solutions only detectable by someone who can pick out a needle from the hay. When you are proven wrong, you are not afraid to try something new.

Careers outside of medicine also require an attention to detail. As an entrepreneur, no matter the industry, you will face challenges that require you to consider all possible outcomes before coming to a conclusion.

You Know How to Make Split-Second, High-Stress, Ethical Decisions

Just as in medicine, so it is in business—the choices that you make will define the future of your career. In medicine, your patients depend on you to make the right call. In business, your employees and clients depend on you to succeed.

As a physician, you are skilled at making decisions that have potentially huge consequences, and you know how to make those calls in an ethical way. As an entrepreneur, you will rely on this skill to help you thrive while continuing to contribute to the good of the world.

Diagnosis Is Not Just for Medicine

In your role as a clinician, you are often asked to identify a problem with minimal information. When a patient does not feel well, you have to find out why so you can treat them. You are trained to know what questions to ask in a given situation. While the problems in business are different from the problems your patients face, knowing how to identify issues that could cause serious problems in the future is an essential skill that lends itself to the uncertainties of business.

Careers Outside of Medicine Are Attainable with the Right Guidance

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start? I am here to help. Talk to me to learn more about my physician coaching program. I’ve been where you are now, and I can tell you from experience that the life you are looking for is attainable. Contact me today.