Medical Entrepreneurship: How to Go from Exhausted Clinician to Enthusiastic Creator

Medical Entrepreneurship: How to Go from Exhausted Clinician to Enthusiastic Creator

As clinicians cope with an endless string of challenging developments in the medical field, from increased doctor burnout to shortages of medical staff, it’s no wonder why many turn to medical entrepreneurship as an alternative career choice. Even those who find fulfillment in medicine often seek a more creative, self-sufficient outlet on the business side of things, at least part-time.

Many of us chose to enter the field of medicine to help the greater good. Unfortunately, with all of the extra hoops that we must jump through to practice medicine, our days are filled more with paperwork than patient care—and that is exhausting.

If you are interested in taking some time away from clinical work to work for yourself for a change, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Find Your Passion

Our field has many career options for physicians and clinicians who want to take a non-traditional career route. Consulting, education, startup creation—these are just a few of the areas that medical professionals can navigate with their expert knowledge.

We all have natural inclinations toward subjects that energize and motivate us. The trick is to reflect on what gets us excited, what makes us get out of bed in the morning. That should be a hint toward what medical entrepreneurship could look like.

Discover Your Transferable Skills

Just because we spent years in medical school or even decades in the clinical space does not mean that our knowledge and skills are too specialized to transfer to other professions.

Perhaps your favorite part of your job is reading up on and thinking about new technologies in medicine. Your understanding of how these technologies can improve physician and patient experience could lead to valuable work in research, marketing, or education.

Match What You Want to Do with a Market Need

Successful medical entrepreneurship ultimately depends on whether people need what is being offered. Without a need, we cannot expect to be paid (which may or may not be the reason we decided to become entrepreneurs in the first place).

It is critical for us medical entrepreneurs to do our homework. Who might need the services or products that we want to sell? How can we make our knowledge work for us while helping others?

Build Your Support Team

No one makes it on their own. Any entrepreneur who has had success will say that they only accomplished what they did because they had a good support system—anyone who says otherwise is being disingenuous.

Whether you need investors, expert consultants, referral partners, or just people to push you, you can only find what you need by networking.

Is Medical Entrepreneurship the Answer You’ve Been Seeking?

As the COVID-19 pandemic puts even more pressure on those who work in a clinical setting, now is the perfect time to consider your professional options. If you need help taking that first step toward entrepreneurship, I am available to talk.

Want to explore your professional options? Get in touch with me today so we can discuss your next big move.