How Physician Burnout Coaching Can Improve Your Private or Group Practice

How Physician Burnout Coaching Can Improve Your Private or Group Practice

Considering physician burnout coaching for your private or group practice? It could be the solution you need.

We have a serious problem in the healthcare industry. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business School and led by visiting scholar Jacob Goh, it costs the U.S. healthcare system about $4.6 billion per year, and that’s just the financial cost.

Burnout in medicine also has far-reaching negative effects on the mental and physical health of clinicians and leads to poor patient care, among other harmful outcomes.

Anyone can experience burnout, but those in the medical field—especially in America—experience some of the highest rates. As defined by the World Health Organization, burnout is “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” But how do you manage it successfully?

One approach is physician burnout coaching, and your practice could improve in these four ways if you implement it.

First Things First, Patient Care Improves Substantially with Physician Coaching

According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic researchers and published in JAMA Internal Medicine, professional coaching can alleviate the symptoms of burnout in physicians. When doctors experience the symptoms of burnout—which include exhaustion, depression, detachment, and negativity toward the medical profession—one of the first casualties is the patient. Quality of care is directly impacted by a doctor’s ability to carry out his or her duties.

Physician Burnout Coaching Can Reduce Turnover

When physicians experience burnout, they are more likely to leave their jobs, if not quit medicine altogether. High turnover rates are a major source of pain for hospitalists and practice administrators because of the resources that candidate searches consume. Physicians who receive coaching services to help them cope with the stress of the job experience higher satisfaction at work and are more likely to remain in their roles.

It Can Enhance the Leadership Skills of Everyone Involved

No matter the professional field, burnout and job dissatisfaction are intimately tied to the leadership skills of immediate supervisors. When physicians do not get the support they need from their bosses, their performance suffers. A trained burnout coach will work to improve not only the physician’s coping strategies but the professional space as a whole.

Physician Burnout Coaching Improves EHR Efficiency

Doctors are stretched thinner than they have ever been before, a quality of the modern medical profession that contributes substantially to burnout. Part of the reason doctors today feel so taxed is the time that they spend on unnecessary patient visits. Any physician burnout coaching program that doesn’t address how technology can improve physicians’ lives isn’t doing enough.

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