5 Pieces of Medical Technology That Are Changing the Industry

Anyone working in the medical field has seen the changes that have taken place over the last few years. Our industry is consistently under modification and medical technology is beginning to mold the way we run our practices.


As we move further into the digital age and continually enhance our practices to stay ahead of the curve, it is interesting to see what is coming in the future. Below are 5 of the biggest medical technology trends impacting our field.


3D Printing


One of the most exciting pieces of medical technology is the introduction of 3D printing. Clinicians have been able to use 3D prints for:


      Surgical guides to assist with procedures

      Implants such as plates or joints



3D printing is still considered to be in its infancy in the world of medicine but is set to be a tremendous asset as we learn more about its capabilities.


Artificial intelligence


AI has been at the heart of medical technology for years. With new, innovative algorithms and software dictating the way our industry functions, the possibility for improving patient care is vast.


With what artificial intelligence can bring to our field, diagnoses will become more accurate and treatments will be safer and more targeted.


Electronic medical records


Electronic medical records (EMR) systems were the beginning stages of what was set to shape our industry over the next few decades and it hasn’t disappointed. Since the inception of EMR systems, medical technology—and even the EMR systems themselves—has improved at a significant rate.




Blockchain is a newer piece of medical technology and has only recently begun to make its way into the healthcare sector.


With storage now becoming an issue for many larger healthcare organizations, blockchain offers the ability to store digital information without taking up an abundance of space in their systems.


More importantly, this information is stored in a secure manner. With HIPAA compliance and personal information always at the forefront, blockchain is a viable option moving forward.




Telemedicine has been helping clinicians in a variety of ways and it is why it continues to be a growing trend in medical technology. One of the most noted benefits of telemedicine has been a decrease in physician burnout.


Having a hybrid office or a fully virtual office is something that can positively affect both doctors and patients. The consistent enhancements and options for providers utilizing this software look to be doing nothing but progressing. 


Medical technology is evolving


The medical field in the 21st century is thriving. What we have been able to accomplish has been nothing short of spectacular and we are excited to see what’s on the horizon.


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